Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home (or counting ones blessing's)

I love this song! Its so cute... and it gets me thinking, you know, bout home! 
Home to me will always be NZ, but its also wherever my hubby is, which is why I'm here in Aus... And while I would love to move my little family (dog, boy, me) back to NZ, some times I have to remind myself to be happy here and now - so my career path is non existent, sometimes I just really want my Mum, or my god mum, or my old friends around, and sometimes I just miss the places - Wellington, Gisborne, Ohiwa, the special places.  But I have a super amazing husband who puts up with my annual hissy fits on the above subjects, we own a house and its becoming a home, our pup is the funniest, sweetest natured beast one could meet, its never to late to re-invent oneself career wise (once one figures what path will suite them), and my family, my friends, those amazing places will always be there - I'll always be able to go home... So this is a reminder, a perk up and a pep talk!!
my wedding flowers, photo by the talented Clare Webber
I think I'm quite lucky to have such a strong sense of place.  My parents have lived in our house since forever, it was my Dad's Grandfathers place so its seeped in family history.  My mums brother owns the farm she grew up on and before that both her parents grew up on the property - her mum, my gran - was a shepherds daughter and Grandfather was the owners son (it has a makings of a sweet meant to be story don't you think).  We got married 2 minutes down the road from my parents property and had our  photos taken in their wool shed - connecting my past and my future.  I am so lucky to have places so filled with memories and history.

And now I will have two beautiful unique and amazing countries I can consider home...
So I count my blessings, and the wonderful invention of skype!!!
(from Wikipedia, attributed to Erik Veland)

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