Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ash Hilton

I got engaged one morning while curled up in bed, in the tiny flat we lived in, in Putney, London, while we were on our OE... It wasn't romantic (we'd been to Paris, Venice and Rome only months before) but hay sometimes that's just how it works out... We had had the moment but we had no ring - which was brilliant really because it meant I got to choose my own! Yay! I really, really wanted, and nearly, nearly got, one of theses by New Zealand jewelry designer Ash Hilton:

Image from Gallery 33, (The top one is my favorite) 
 But the logistics of getting it sorted from the UK seemed a bit much... in the end I found a beautiful antique gypsy ring - this exact one here:

Sapphires are hubby's birthstone and well diamonds are for forever.  We got it from this shop in Hatton Gardens in London - which is the craziest place to visit - jewelry shop after jewelry shop with many specialising in diamonds! Madness! I love it, and would not change it for the world, it speaks of that particular time in our lives so comes with many, many memories....

But that still doesn't stop me coveting an Ash Hilton piece... an eternity ring substitute perhaps, or just something because...  Here's a few of my favorites!

Etched ring with Cabbage Trees, Image from Gallery 33

Art Deco Rose Ring from Ash Hilton's etsy shop
Perfect Pear, Image from Ash Hilton's Etsy Shop

And the double Koru one at the top of course! Check out his website here, his etsy shop here, and you can also find him here at Gallery 33 in Wanaka (which incidentally stocks an impressive range of other very talented local artists and jewelers, and is worth a look on its own merits!!)


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