Monday, May 17, 2010

Alex DiMercurio

Alex DiMercurio is a Parisian born artist who now calls Wellington home.  Wellington by the way is one of my most favorite cities in the world,  its where I met my husband, its where I found my feet as a adult, its where I would live if I had the choice... but that's beside the by, she's there and she's amazing. 

I stumbled upon her work via Artfind and was immediately drawn to it.  My grandparents lived out the country and when you passed the corpse of silver birches you knew you were almost there.  These paintings remind me of that - the anticipation, the excitement, the movement, the light...

I love the colours, the rich textures she used.  They are works you could live with for 20 years, and still  be invigoated and inpired by them, see something new, feel something different, from up close you can appreciate the luscious application of paint and colour, from afar, the play of light and shadow, shape and form...

Good art should not only look beautiful, but provoke a response, an emotion - it should sing to you.  Alex's work sings to me!  I wish I could see this series in a gallery space - if they can amaze me when looking at them on a computer screen imaging how astoundingly beautiful they would be 'in person'.  Alex - I'm going to have to stalk your work when I'm next home!!

And I'm not the only one who's fallen for her works.  This talented lady has works in private collections in New Zealand, France and Australia, and has won several national awards.  Hopefully I too will own one... someday... there is space in my dining room... hint hint, hubby if your reading!

If your lucky enough to be in Wellington in August you'll be able to see Alex's work at the New Zealand Art Show.  Cant wait that long? Try Tamarillo Gallery, also in Welly, or contact Alex direct.

Wishing you a inspirational week!



  1. Hello i love your blog on Alex it is very helpful because im am doing a piece on her. Just wondering i was looking to contact her because i would like to find some info about her art and how she follows her dreams.

  2. Hey, the only contact I have for Alex is Email:, it was a while ago that I wrote this post so hopefully its still valid. I agree, her art is amazing!