Saturday, November 27, 2010 revoir...

Looking for Love by Bogo on Etsy
Regrettably I've decided I can't do this blog justice... so I'm quitting! I have too much on at the moment to really search out super amazing stuff and there are so many fabulous bloggers out there with far less commitment issues than me... Perhaps someday I shell return but for now... adieu
I will continue to get my art and design fix from these brilliant blogs - Fancy New Zealand Design blog, the Jealous curator, and Finders Keepers! Perhaps you will too!


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Wrinkles of the City, Shanghai 2010, by JR
Amazing Amazing Amazing photo graffiti projects by JR - found via Fancy, New Zealand Deign Blog

Also via Fancy - another NZ design shop online - Foxes... Chock a block full of more gifty goodness to drool over!

Wanna know what beauty and wonderment can be made with paint and ice block sticks? Of course you do! Check out the work of Nathalie Chikhi, via this art is yours

Super cute post about Love Tokens on The Golden Smith (via All The Mountains)... I have a bolt (yes... like nuts and bolts) tucked away in my jewelery box cause it was the first thing hubby gave to me (I think it had something to do with "here's a screw baby" - yep I found me a good'un)... But these love tokens are allot prettier and more sophisticated - and I was going to say possibly more effective... but maybe not, cause, well, here we are all married and all... ignore me - blabbling again... Boys take note love token - cuter than a bolt!!! x

More about Love! These prints from Blacklist Studios make me all warm and Fuzzy... would make a fantastic gift for the one that you adore... (via Modamuse)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Naked And Famous - Young Blood

To The Naked + Famous... I heard you say on Triple J the other morning you'd be happy to be considered Australian.... Good god where is you national pride... lucky you play damn good music! All is forgiven... xx


Sunday, November 7, 2010

When life give you Lemons

Print from Dear Colleen
Its been a rough few weeks but its looking better.... YAY!