Monday, October 29, 2012

I spied

Last week I spied a few of lovely bits out there in the bloggesphere

Lets go to paris, there are a thousand reasons already but this trampoline  bridge definatly would be high on the list.

Whimsical photography to make you smile, here (via here)

Cutest shop on wheels (yup wheels! Too adorable!) (and luckily online too) (found via the interview here)

Yummy scones. If only I could put down the bambino long enough to bake, or well, do anything...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Color Run

My sister is doing the Color Run when it hits Melbourne this November. I really really wanna do it with her. Not only is it a chance to get out, get some exercise and support a great charity, but who doesn't want to hurl coloured powders at friends and complete strangers alike? It looks like so much fun...
Unfortunately I have a brand new baby (seven weeks old and the most amazing creature ever!), (hence why I thought I'd be able to revive this neglected blog (ha ha say all you parents out there)), and I'm not quite sure I could be parted from my Poppet for a whole day for all sorts of emotional and physical reasons.
But still it made me think, if I could get my hands on some of those powders I could throw the most awesome childrens birthday party ever!

Friday, October 19, 2012

On Being Enchanted

I have just finished reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.
This is the book I wish I'd written.
It is beautiful, imaginative, enchanting.
It reminds me of the art of two talented ladies.


Louise Robinson of Art and Ghosts creates these and other works of spellbinding loveliness. Each finely detailed creation seems to be a snippet of an unknown fairy tale. (My favorite is the 'Red Haired Twins' but you'll have to peek at her website to discover them for yourself.)
Delia and her dancing Bears

The Illustrated Man
Then there's the art of Emily Winfeild Martin (aka The Black Apple). Her illustrious pieces are quaint and quirky, perfect to add a little whimsy to your home.
And that's the best part, the works of both are can be purchased online - find the Black Apple here, and Art and Ghosts here.
Wishing you all an enchanting weekend! *KT