Friday, June 28, 2013

Parties and Presents (parties)

We were lucky enough to have 2 parties while we were home.
The first was a baby party. A super cute opportunity for A to meet some kiwi baby friends.
In my usual style I began making extravagant plans in my head. I was inspired by the hungry caterpillar party on Babyology. I was going to make natural safe to eat paints, (why make them when you can buy them here, but I only just discovered that).
Needless to say none of the above happened. But what did happen was very cute. Imagine picnic blankets spread out in the garden, mums drinking out of proper tea cups, lots of yummy treats including this yummy egg, dairy and sugar (I omitted the honey altogether so it was suitable for my then 8mnth old) free spelt banana bread.

We made this play dough for the big ( aged 2+) kids (found on facebook sorry let me know if you know the original source), and the others just rolled about and enjoyed themselves.  I think. I know the mums did, and despite having 9 bub's ranging from 7 months to 3 years we only had tears once (when one wee one did not want to share a tractor - boys!! ;)).
Good fun for all.

I hope A has lots more memories with her little gang of new buddy's

Wishing you all a lovely weekend of new friendships ( and parties!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quoted from Willy Wagtail Blog:
"Such a sad story of the recently collapsed clothing manufacture’s building in Bangladesh. 8 stories high, full of thousands of workers. They were getting paid approx $37 dollars a month, for 6 days a week of work, at 10 hours a day. There were many well known clothing brands being made in this factory.
If you ever feel unsure about buying baby and kids clothes, because you don't know where, how or who has made it, then buy Australian Made kids clothes. Its as simple as that."

Couldn't have said it better...
Buy local, ethical or hand made!
Its not always easy and I still have slips, but if we all try the market will respond to the consumer and we can all make the world a slightly better place.


PS. Willy Wagtail is having a sale, a great time to snap up Australian merino clothes for your little people

Monday, June 3, 2013

Parties and Presents (Presents)

So we were in New Zealand 3 weeks ago.
How time flies.
We were there for 2 reasons my mum, and my sister and I all hit birthdays that end in a big fat 0 so we celebrated, and because we were all celebrating scary birthdays my wayward brother was also home before jetting off once again.  (This time to South America). So we all managed to spend 2 weeks of quality time with him.
Because of this there were parties and there were presents.
I'll get to the parties later...
So presents...
For my Mum we got together and organized a photo sitting by the amazing Cat Brown. I love casual but beautiful looking photos.  Photos that capture true memories with a real eye for light and the moment.

For my sister I found Jac and Hugo on etsy.  I ordered this ring with the inscription "home is where one starts from, T S Eliot" and the GPS co-ordinates of our parents farm. 
My Mum always said when she returned to the place she grew up it always feels like coming home.  And its true. 
Even though I'm settled (for now) in Melbourne, and I have a beautiful home here with two great louts of dogs, a bonny baby and a hardworking, incredible husband , whenever I fly into Gisbourne I always feel a real sense of home coming.  Even more so when we turn into the drive way and 'come home'. 
I love the idea that wherever she ends up (and who knows were that will be) she will always have home right there, inscribed on her finger. I wonder if she will think to get the same for me next birthday?

Hope your week brings you special gifts of some sort (flowers, a smile from a stranger, a sunny winter day)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Two weeks in NZ.  One more to go.  Thought I'd get around to posting from here... The internets slow and I'm not that committed... Sorry

Friday, March 29, 2013


I am intrigued by the concept of raw food.  Its not for me as a complete lifestyle choice because that would mean giving up this:

And roasts, eggs benedict, chocolate fudge... mmmmm
But I do feel we could probably benefit from eating a bit more raw foods.And when you think about it this should be fairly easy - its the ultimate fast food, no cooking required.  But strangely its not.  I think its because eating raw means being organised.  Case in point lunch Tuesday (2:30 pm A's nap time - you take it when you can get it), I reached into the pantry to grab a tin of baked beans (Watties of course).  I was thinking cheese and bean toasties but then I remembered I was trying to eat more raw foods.  10mins later I had this:

and it was good.  But the point is I needed to have a red cabbage, broccoli, chickpeas (which i had precooked sooo... not raw, shhh), in my fridge, nuts in my freezer, and a good quality vinaigrette.  And that involves good organisation.  Today it was a handful of ham, a few cherry tomatoes, and some crackers and humus, (cause I need to hit the supermarket again).  But hey, a little at a time.  Hopefully as I eat more raw, I will get more inspired and learn to shop better at the same time.

Wish me luck

And have a healthy week


PS.  If you need inspiration for raw food ideas try:
Kora Organics (yup, Miranda Kerr's Blog)
Kemis Raw Kitchen (Also see this months Peppermint mag)
 Goddess in the Raw, raw mocha brownies - now that doesn't sound like too much of a hardship!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I've been slack. 
And A's been sick (just a cold nothing major). Which has lead to broken sleep.  And broken  sleep is really hard to catch up when you have a 6month old.  (Six months, where has the time gone!)?
And we've had a weekend in Sydney, which I thought would give me lots of awesomeness to write about, but, alas, did not.
And so here I am linking to other peoples amazing thoughts and ideas from the across the bloggesphere.

There's some great art out there.  I would love to wander through  this instalation.  But even better is the art you can own and love, like these clever and quirky textiles by Jane Denton, (via Fancy). 
This week Etsy's blog also had a post about accesable art.  Yay.

Peonie and Poleroids post on her twins turning two makes me smile, and worry, cause I have all those fun and games to look forward to, (ekkk!).

A race track tee shirt.  Loveing this idea.  A potential Fathers Day pressie I'm thinking.

Have a good week.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Just in time for Valentines day, my cousin took part in the amazing Chain Link Heart project.
I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like not to have A.
I can't imagine what it would have been like to never bring her home from the hospital, all those hopes and dreams you have as your belly swells, just disappearing, lost.
I cannot imagine how hard it would be to begin to to get back up again. 
Which is why I greatly admire people like Jen. Their bravery and their creativity, and their ability to find beauty from the saddest of situations, astounds and inspires me. 
Happy valentines to all those who have loved and lost, who walk around each day with a part of their heart missing, and somehow still see magic and magnificence, who still get up each day ready to love and live again.  I am sure somehow, somewhere, someone will give you what you need to feel almost whole again. 
And as for me, this Valentines, I will hold my daughter and husband close, and be grateful that I am blessed enough to have two beautiful people holding my heart together.

Happy Valentines

Sunday, February 3, 2013


So out there in Blogland I was inspired by:

Making your own font (over at Decor8) sounds like fun. 

LOVE this concept of Melbourne photographer Kristen Cook, of documenting her childrens Januaries every year .  It made me laugh and cry and hug A way too tight cause I know its gonna go way too fast. (discovered via Mum the Photographer)

Art/ photography/ reflections.  It reminds me to look up more often, and take in the beauty of simple moments. 

City Map Quilts - Sleeping under Paris every night, sounds good to me! :)

Have a fabulous week!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Amor Amor - Monster Love!

I have been shopping.
First up, two new babies have arrived (yay!) and secondly A seems to be suddenly growing out of all her clothes.
Luckily I found a shop that solved both these issues (sorta - A will need more clothes but we have a a start).  Amor Amor is the brain child of three talented Colombians who now call Australia home.   Here they create quirky, unique monster themed clothes, cushions and paper goods.  The limited edition range of clothing uses soft cottons, water based inks and features amazing hand drawn artwork. 
The skirt I ordered for A is beautifully finished, and so sweet.
I was so pleased with it, and the speed that it arrived, that I brought more stuff. I got her a onesie and another boys onesie for one of the new bubba's.

Its awesome to find a range of funky boys clothes that's not dominated with insipid baby blues, but is cute while retaining a bit of attitude.

I'm totally eying up these colour yourself cushions for my next purchase.  Brilliant idea! Its such a shame A is no where near to being able to colour.

Perhaps you too will find something fabulous at Amor Amor for your little monster!


All images from Amor Amor, please ask permission before using.  Thanks.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Just back from a wonderful holiday and trying to catch up still.
So elsewhere in the bloggesphere I've found:
A new blog - Unconsumption, via Etsy's blog.
While on Etsy check out this amazing paper art.  I'm particularly enamoured by the star in the last image.  Breathtaking.
Loving the concept of this book by Pia Jane Bijkerk.
Hidden supprises in this clever cute cake,
Speaking of cte, is this igloo not the cutest attempt to get on side with a future mother in law?