Friday, June 28, 2013

Parties and Presents (parties)

We were lucky enough to have 2 parties while we were home.
The first was a baby party. A super cute opportunity for A to meet some kiwi baby friends.
In my usual style I began making extravagant plans in my head. I was inspired by the hungry caterpillar party on Babyology. I was going to make natural safe to eat paints, (why make them when you can buy them here, but I only just discovered that).
Needless to say none of the above happened. But what did happen was very cute. Imagine picnic blankets spread out in the garden, mums drinking out of proper tea cups, lots of yummy treats including this yummy egg, dairy and sugar (I omitted the honey altogether so it was suitable for my then 8mnth old) free spelt banana bread.

We made this play dough for the big ( aged 2+) kids (found on facebook sorry let me know if you know the original source), and the others just rolled about and enjoyed themselves.  I think. I know the mums did, and despite having 9 bub's ranging from 7 months to 3 years we only had tears once (when one wee one did not want to share a tractor - boys!! ;)).
Good fun for all.

I hope A has lots more memories with her little gang of new buddy's

Wishing you all a lovely weekend of new friendships ( and parties!)

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