Monday, October 25, 2010

Erin Flannery

Kitty Takes Five (#2) Aresole, acrylic, pencil on linen

Mona's Tough Side
Poly prepares for liftoff

Under the Bonnet
Hello and welcome to a brand new week!
Introducing Erin Flannery - a Gold Coast artist the creator of these crazy, beautiful, whimsical, savage, femme fatals.  I love the juxtaposition of elegant, arty, pencil, and muted washes of color, with the bold and 'feirce' graffiti accents.  Fresh, original and oh so amazing - I heart this art!

Works on Found Objects
More info can be found on Erin's blog. And to own your own Erin Flannery piece visit Anthea Polson Art Gallery.

Wishing you all a fantastic week!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

World Wind

 Landsat 7 image of the Bristol Channel
 Azuara basin


 At first glance these could be beautiful abstract works - but there not.  There images taken by NASA... isn't our world crazy beautiful and oh so amazing!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Purple Converse, painting by Undine CG
Wear it Purple is on Tomorrow (15/10/10)...  help make the world a more understanding place...  I like to think I'm an open minded, self aware, conscientious person but even I am guilty of using 'gay' as a derogatory term - despite all my gay, lesbian and by-sexual friends and family.  Tomorrow, if you do nothing more, at least think about how your words, looks, and actions can effect others - gay, straight or otherwise inclined! After all we are all humans and we are all deserving of respect and understanding!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wine and Art

Wine labels have come in leaps and bounds - pretty, sophisticated, quirky and cute - you can find wine to suite any mood - and I must confess I often buy wine based souly on the label...
But today I'm talking about wine labels that are close to my heart - not only do they combine art and wine (two of my favorite things) but they also have a family connection - my Uncle is one of the wine makers- the T in the TW of the brand, and the CV in particular is special as that was the white served at my wedding...
I love that they are pushing the boundaries of white labels can be and what they can do.  I love that they are cheeky and sophisticated - take a look at the fine print on the innocent label - Innocent - untouched by oak.
And I'm not the only one seeing the value of good design and point of difference in labelling - check out Fancy - New Zealand Design Blog for more product packaging beauty!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Somewhere along the Great Ocean Rd
Hello little blog... I have not abandoned you yet... Mum and Dad stopped by on their way home from Europe (goddamn parents spending all our inheritance :)) and I thought I would have lots of interesting places and artists to talk about... Alas we couldn't drag the father figure into a gallery or museum of any sort but I did manage to see a fair chunk of Victoria which I will share with you in the not to distant future... But for now  I just wanna enjoy the sound of a silent house!!



Friday, October 1, 2010


The Exquisite Book - via the exquisite book website (see below)
"The Exquisite book, 100 Artists Play A Collaborative Game" - what an exquisite idea - via Fancy New Zealand Design Blog

I wanted to feature the beautiful, unexpected, weaving art of Claudette Collis, but she has no contact details to ask if this would be possible... so... to see the magic of this Gisy girl click above...

Check out the amazing book art of Boukje Voet, found via Upon A Fold...

V & A prints available online - I luv the botanical ones, via Decor8

Getting into a summer fitness regime - been swimming twice this week... kudos where kudos is due - Casey RACE in Cranbourne is a fabulous aquatic centre!

Today it feels like summer.... Raspberry and mint mojitos! Yay! (hay, I swam a km this morning! I deserve it!! ;))

Have a fabulous weekend!