Saturday, March 23, 2013


I've been slack. 
And A's been sick (just a cold nothing major). Which has lead to broken sleep.  And broken  sleep is really hard to catch up when you have a 6month old.  (Six months, where has the time gone!)?
And we've had a weekend in Sydney, which I thought would give me lots of awesomeness to write about, but, alas, did not.
And so here I am linking to other peoples amazing thoughts and ideas from the across the bloggesphere.

There's some great art out there.  I would love to wander through  this instalation.  But even better is the art you can own and love, like these clever and quirky textiles by Jane Denton, (via Fancy). 
This week Etsy's blog also had a post about accesable art.  Yay.

Peonie and Poleroids post on her twins turning two makes me smile, and worry, cause I have all those fun and games to look forward to, (ekkk!).

A race track tee shirt.  Loveing this idea.  A potential Fathers Day pressie I'm thinking.

Have a good week.


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