Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The natropath asked me the other day what my favorite season was and I was hard pressed to decide between Autumn and Spring.  Over in Aus (well at least in my part of Melbourne) most gardens are dominated by evergreen trees - gums etc so I miss the colour Autumn can bring (my parents front fence was planted with liquid amber's - Autumn blazed!). 

So now I guess if I had to choose it would be Spring first and then Autumn.  However I'm really enjoying the crisp chilly weather and the moment - my morning walks with ze dog really leave me feeling all pink cheeked and enthusiastic about the day ahead (until I realise he chewed up my black heels at some stage in the early hours of the morning... and then my good feelings for the day ahead plummet rapidly...)
...the other exciting thing about autumn is garden wise you can start dreaming about spring!  I have tulip bulbs sitting in my fridge which I will plant this weekend, in a big pot by the front door and then wait patiently...

(images Rococo Parrot tulip and Evita double tulip from here, I ordered my bulbs from here)
Now I cant wait for Spring!!

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