Sunday, May 23, 2010

From Here to Eternity

In the last few decades the antipodes have come in leaps and bounds in creating their own unique niche in the international food sphere.  We are proving to ourselves and to the the world that our products are equal in quality and sophistication to anywhere else on the planet.  And often our most successful enterprises started off as someones passion and just grew, proving that little ideas can become big dreams.

Cyclops Yogurt, for example started in kitchen in suburban Christchurch, NZ, with a family recipe, hard work, and self belief, and grew into a product you can find in stores across the country. I've lived in the UK and Ireland and have never  encountered the creative and delicious combination's Cyclops specialise in - coffee topped Greek yogurt anyone? Its sounds random but it is incredibly good... and the berry flavours! Bliss!

Likewise Nudie Juice started with great idea - brilliant combinations of real fruit juice conveniently packaged.  They started in Sydney and 7 years later they can be found in stores nationwide... Their website has a very cute story about their founding - check it out here. If you haven't come across them yet you'll know them by their uber cute labels and yummy yummy flavours.  The website is super sweet too! And  their next big thing is coconut water - I'm intrigued...

Its folks like these, companies we take for granted as we peruse the shopping isles that really prove great ideas, a bit of luck and a lot of self belief can make dreams into realities!!!

Have an inspirational week

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