Friday, September 24, 2010

Damien Kamholtz

Crowd Crown Blues mixed media on canvas

We All Become the Same mixed media on canvas

The Cape mixed media on canvas
Damien Kamholtz is the creator of these amazing works of art...  I think they're breathtaking.  I love the gentleness of them, the subtlety of colour.  They are fantastically imagined settings where objects and views are superimposed over one another creating a complete image that speaks of memory and childhood and dreams.  I think they should be dubbed memory scape's as within the canvas one image is linked to another in the same way something - seen, smelt or heard - can link to a thousand different memories.  I think they are truly beautiful.
The Trade Mixed media on canvas

Damien's work is represented by the fabulous  Arthouse Gallery.  To find out more visit them in Sydney or take a look at their site.

Have a memory filled weekend!


All images from Arthouse Gallery

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  1. i love his work so much! i often look at it when i deliver art to my gallery... it's always sitting there with a sold sticker on it but at least im allowed to look!!

    really beautiful layering... even better in real life.