Friday, September 3, 2010

Bridget Farmer - Neat tweats!

Dunnock, Hand Pulled Original Etching

I don't think birds will ever go out of fashion.  There's something in the symbolism of birds that will always delight.  Its the notions of flight, freedom, grace, elegance and cheekiness, all appeal and inspire.  I have a wing tattooed on my hip for exactly that reason - freedom and protection spiritedness- that's what it symbolises to me anyways... But now onto the art.
These are the amazing, no - the AMAZING prints of Irish lass Bridget Farmer.

Satin Bower Bird (female), Original Etching
Red Wattle Bird, Australian Native Bird Etching
Aren't they fantastic! I love the scribbly drawing style that becomes ordered chaos, it has a grace and movement that really captures the fleeting moment of trying to observe the often shy, cheeky and beautiful bird life.
Read more about the etching process here, see works for sale here or check out her blog here!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Thanks Kate for this! I still haven't quite worked out what it is about birds that get me, I've just always noticed them where ever I go. They are so small and fragile yet can travel the farthest of any animal.
    Maybe one day I'll get a series of lovely little New Zealand birds together!