Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Robert Bradford - Upcycled Art

Bee at Eden steal wood nylon and plastic

Robert Bradford  is a UK artist responsible for the Bee sculpture at Eden, who is recently creating waves in the bloggesphere with his amazing sculptures made from old toys.  This is fabulous bright coloured art in all its fluro, plasticy goodness,  or badness depending on how you want to look at it.

Sniff One toys on wood

Its serious art that doesn't take itself to seriously.  Its art that's also about play and fun, about children and simplicity. And I'm all for any art that captivate kids while still being thought provoking.

Terrieristes - toys and pegs on wood

And yes, straight away there is a feeling of eco-lecture going on - the ugliness of waste and consumer excess, but maybe that's just my guilty conscience rubbing against my high-horse ideals, as while Bradford acknowledges there's a recycling element to his work, he believes that the job of the artist is not to instruct but to reveal. He believes his work starts a conversation but that has no message of its own (more here) - in other words take from it what you will - delight in the colour and form - that its a doggy made of pegs, and if it makes you have second thoughts about buying yet another barbie doll from Kmart well that's no bad thing - perhaps that's more about you and your ideals than it is about the doggy!!!

Toy Boy at Colliford plastic toys and steal mesh

Have a thoughtful week!

(I stumbled across Bradford via Li'l Magoolie)

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  1. I love your upcycled art. I have a FB page called Upcycle and Remix and each week I like to feature upcycled art that I have found on the internet. I just wanted to let you know I featured your little terrier today along with your blog address. I hope that is o.k. and if not I will delete it - just let me know! https://www.facebook.com/newfromold