Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eating Air {book worm}

I've just finished Eating Air by Pauline Melville

It is a beautiful book. The story follows the a small group who shared an apartment in the 70's. There were the revolutionaries fighting to over throw capitalism, and the dancer, Ella and her husband, the untamable wanderer Donny, who lived above them. Thirty years on the narrator unveils the fortunes and tragedies their dreams, beliefs and actions have brought about... But its not the story as such that resonates when the book is finished - its the poetically breathtaking descriptions that pull the story out of the confines of revolution, reaction, and terrorism (with it's lust and greed and hope and ideology), and into the realm of beauty and magic that can be found in the mundane, the sublime and the tragic moments of humanity.

Read it. Quite simply it is a beautiful book.

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