Monday, June 21, 2010

David Trubridge

Body Raft, David Trubridge Designs

I have been captivated by David Trubridge since I first discovered his work in a 'theory of design' course I did as part of my BA, oh 8 or so years ago, (gosh I feel old!). And his aesthetic sings to me still - the flow of line, the honesty of the wood - it is beautiful in its simplicity.
Nananu (side and front view) David Trubridge Designs

I cant quite place what it is that draws me in - there is a rhythm, a grace, an almost spiritual element - the body raft and the sling with their bowed form are hammock like, boat like - a shape that speaks of quiet moments, of rest and relaxation. I love that curved line, in sculpture, paintings and design it appeals to me, perhaps because we are all descendants of sea travellers and that shape with its association to the waka, ship or raft is apart of our cultural psyche, or maybe it is more that that - perhaps for some reason it speaks to humanity itself - the moon, the turning of the world, the flow of distant hills, nature and the elements...
                  Sling, David Trubridge Designs

His work is informed by his strong belief that design owes it to itself to be sustainable while still retaining a cultural and social aesthetic. 

Taniko Lights narrow, and wide

To see more of this powerful and beautiful work, to read about the beliefs that inform his creative drive, and to find out where you can see the work for yourself  (he has stockists in Australasia, Europe and America) visit his website

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All images from David Trubridge Designs

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