Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls! Girls! Girls!

I'm loving the whimsical femininity that is coming through the art world now.  The strong, sometimes even brutal, nudes still exist but it seems the feminine is coming back in all its sweetness and light, or wild and mysterious nuances.  Perhaps this is because we are an era when the fashion magazine is muse, or perhaps it is because the green movement and its appreciation of the handmade and crafted (traditionally the area of woman) is allowing women to celebrate their own aesthetic and the things they find pretty, sweet or enchanting?

Elisa Mazzone is an incredible illustrator who is reponsible for the amazing works featured today. They remind me of fashion shots but are softened with the use of pencil, fabrics, and dreamy watercolour washes. 

Elisa is an illustrator and designer from Adelaide. Her work has been featured in Sumptuous magazine, Next magazine, Cupcake* magazine, Once Upon Sydney, DisBand Sydney, and SALA. 
Want to own some of this goodness for yourself, you can contact her via her website, and her pieces will be available on Leeloo soon.


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