Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tis the season


Ah Christmas, we have a love, hate relationship.
I love getting together with the family, I love the kids excitement (my kid will be unaware this year and probably next year too but lucky I have nieces and nephews to get the atmosphere buzzing), I love the excuse to hang pretty decorations (if you need pretty decorations see here and here) and make pretty decorations too, (here and here). And the food - I love the food - Christmas is the perfect time to try new recipes and enjoy indulgent favorites the problem is trying to decide which recipes to use and which to put aside for next year.
But I hate the rampant consumerism.  I hate the over crowding at the shops. I hate the pressure of buying gifts the kids will enjoy (we don't buy for child-bearing adults) that wont add to the plastic pile-up in only a few weeks time. And this year I hate that my own child will end up with a plastic pile-up of her own. 
I don't want her thinking Christmas is all about the presents, but at the same time I don't want her to feel like shes missing out when shes old enough to compare with her peers. And I want her to have beautiful, sustainable earth friendly toys, not plastic fantastic - but I cant control what her Aunts and Grandmothers (lets face it the boys don't have to deal with crazy Christmas shopping trips) buy her.  I can make suggestions but I cant demand they don't go nuts in large department stores. And lets face it children forget who brought them what in a few minutes but give them your time and your love and they would still adore you even if all you gave them was an apple and a stick.
Hoping your silly season isn't too silly

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