Sunday, July 18, 2010

Joanna Louge

I am a huge fan of rich textured application of paint.  Thus I was instantly besotted with Joanna Louges work when she was showing the Atrium Gallery this time last year.

Forest Track II, 2010 oil on canvas

Winter Gums (Dispatch) 2010 oil on canvas

Conifer - Hartley 2008 oil on linen

I love the Turneresque  quality these works have.  Up close they are abstract pieces of colour and movement, but as you move further away they form beautiful wintry landscapes of mist and magic, enchanting and moody.

Essington Window VIII 2010, photograph

Essington Window IX 2010, photograph

Essington Window I 2010 photograph

Joanna's paintings, and her photos share the same sense of abstract and landscape, both have a romantic or sublime feel that is brought about by the sense of suspense - the stillness, quietness, but the feeling that at any moment their will be movement, that something amazing will happen.

Joanna is currently showing paintings, assemblages and video works at the Cowra Regional Art Gallery.  Then following a residency at the Haeflinger cottage, Hill End, she will be making a body of work inspired by the ruged landscape of this NSW mining town for the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. 
I eagerly look forward to where the future takes this talented and inspirational artist!

I hope you are all inspired too...

Have a great week!!

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