Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Danielle Kathleen {Friday Finds}

I have always loved Cameo's, even before they became cool (again) - having always been into history I guess they always sung to me about a time gone by. Like art, cameos and silhouettes can evoke feelings and memories, a fact recognised by  Danielle Kathleen.

The student designer creates 'mini art pieces' that can also used as striking, over the top (in the best possible way) jewelry.  And the collection pictured today is titled "Handful of Memories". which is inspired by childhood, loves, obsessions and memories. "Often there are stories attached to each one, and together they map out all the quirky odds and ends that shape the imagination" she says... I say fabulous! I love them all!

I hope you think they're fabulous too... and if you do check out her Etsy shop!

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