Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its a Beautiful World...

It has been a crazy insane start to 2011, Queensland, Christchurch and now Japan - awful, horrendous and heartbreaking Japan... But even when catastrophe isn't rocking the world people live in poverty and desperation while others live in (sometimes disturbing) excess. James Mollison's photography project 'Where Children Sleep' illustrates this in its documentation the different lives of children around the world through their bedrooms or lack thereof.  You can see the book online (here). 
This book, perhaps more so than the tragic images of Australia, New Zealand and Japan, left me feeling that I need to be more grateful for what I have, to give more generously (not just when tragedy makes me feel guilty), to celebrate the little things, to be happy, and to live a beautiful life. 
(Image by James Mollison of the Bedroom of Hamdi, a child in a Palestinian refugee camp, found via Etsy)

Wishing you all a rich, rewarding and beautiful day!


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